Monday, September 10, 2012

Like a Volcano I Blew!

Oh wow, I just blew it big time. I was swearing and throwing stuff and my oh my did I ever repent and repent fast.  But I can still feel my temper it's there ready to blow again. Thankfully it wasn't at the boys but I'm afraid it will be if I step foot out of this office.You see we have a little problem in our house, okay I admit it's a HUGE problem and it's called CLUTTER! Yup, clutter and it's everywhere. You see on this particular day as I was trying to throw a few extra things together to get started on school everything came crashing off my husbands desk. First it was just a small dish full of stuff which made me somewhat angry then when a stack of photo's and other stuff went flying everywhere well that's when the chair went flying and volcanic ash was going everywhere. I spewed my nasty stuff all over.  Needless to say I grabbed a box and threw everything in it, I started to yell at Ethan that it was time for school and to stop goofing off but then I just looked at him and said "Go play for 20 minutes or so" and here I sit, writing and through this writing I can feel myself getting calm. Maybe this blog thing was a great idea after all. Just please I beg of you don't look at my grammar and correct all the times I should have used a different punctuation I will be learning all of these things over again as soon as I teach it to the boys. 

As a breathe deep and feel the calm overtaking me I understand that I am just human and even though I want to be super mom I can't be. (At least not ALL the time!)

Okay so a little time has passed and I thought an update was in order.  So I started out by doing some music today which went GREAT then we moved on to a coloring page which both Caleb and Ethan did GREAT but then it was time for our workbooks and holy cow...the monster showed up big time. He was having NO PART of school he was TIRED and going to bed and didn't want to do school. Well of course I stayed calm, really I did! At first I tightened the reigns a bit and made him sit and wasn't giving into his wining about NEEDING to go to bed but then I said "let's go outside" and I had him run a little relay race around the yard in hopes to get him to settle down but at the same time the thought of that poor little girl that the stop mom and grandmother made run outside for hours on end and she ended up dieing came to my mind so we ended our race and came back inside. Needless to say I think it helped to calm him down he still wanted to go to bed but we made it through our phonics (which I wish I understood better) and math as usual was a breeze.  Why can't the math be 4 pages long and the phonics 2? And as always LIFE GOES ON! Till we meet again. 

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