Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We Met On The Bathroom Floor

It was an odd place to meet, I mean seriously who wants to sit in a bathroom having a conversation with someone in such close proximity to the toilet?  But for this I was very thankful.  You see it was my almost 6 year old boy that I sat with.  For the past 5  years he has been a daddies boy but lately he seems to be clinging to be a bit more which I am totally loving. It's especially nice when after you've had a moment where you've had to scold him that you look at him and tell him that you love him so much and then he melts into your arms with a big hug.  Tonight this is what happened.  I had just finished speaking to both my boys about fighting over the toys and whining and I told him "IF you keep fighting and whining then you are going to bed right away" (It was almost bed time anyway).  Well sure enough not even 1 minute later they were at it again so Momma Bear had to follow through with what she said and believe me the argument that came from this child was nasty, he wasn't going to bed AT ALL! Well of course daddy heard him speak to Momma in such a way that he came running and that sweet boy sure did listen.  I met him in the hall a few minutes later as he headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed and I told him I loved him and he melted then we went into the bathroom to work on the whole nighttime routine and he melted into my arms again and we sank to the floor and sat there chatting for the next fifteen minutes.  We talked of consequences and how Momma has to follow through with her actions and I'm thinking it sank in...well...I'm hoping it did.  When we finished he asked to stay longer and continue the conversation I'm not quite sure if it was him trying to prolong his bedtime or if he truly wanted Mommy time but I told him we could do it again when he replied "Can we do it tomorrow morning and just pretend that it's dark out?".  Of course I said yes. 

Here's to following through with the consequences and more of my boys melting into my arms and long chats on the bathroom floor.